Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Project Intro

Something else I'm doing on the side simply 4 my own personal enjoyment & relaxation.

This is simply a collection of random material (pictures, short stories, writings, etc.) created of the times I spent with Goofy & his cousin Indiana Goofy back in the '80s. There is no specific order 2 all of the presented material unless otherwise indicated. Basically, it's the area where I place anything & everything having 2 do with that specific time whenever I felt like doing anything related 2 it without actually adding on 2 my existing storyboards.

These will be done sketched, as storyboards, scribbles, anyway at all... whatever I feel/felt like at the time of creating them. :)

4 anyone who may not happen to know: there really is an Indiana Goof. He was originally created by Bruno Sarda & artist Massimo De Vita & has become quite a well-known phenomenon in his own right in all Walt Disney comic magazine publications except those in English speaking countries (as he has only been introduced here about 3 times so far as 2 my knowledge). But those in English speaking countries like myself who have encountered here absolutely adore him. U go, Indiana. ;)In other countries he has been known as Indiana Pipps, Indiana Ding, etc.

LEGAL NOTE: This work is a Disney-based side project that, except 4 the characters & settings mentioned, is otherwise the sole personal property of myself, The Artist & writer of the work in question, & cannot be reproduced, copied, or otherwise used without my sole personal permission. Thank you. ;)